26 February 2021

TRANSIT (TRAin pass-by Noise Source characterIsation and separation Tools for cost-effective vehicle certification) is a 3 year project that started in December 2019 and fits in the Cross-Cutting Activities (CCA) category of the Shift2Rail programme. The project aims to improve environmental assessment and reduce interior noise. The project held a technical webinar on noise and vibration on 19 February. During this virtual event, TRANSIT partners presented in detail the main results of their first year of work and its links with standardisation activities in the field of Noise. The project partners presented the main work performed, divided into the four main pillars:

  • Source and transmission characterization for exterior noise: source characterization based on equivalent monopoles was presented;
  • Pass-by noise source separation with a presentation of the microphone array and PBA-based strategies;
  • Separation of track noise and vehicle noise, with the development of enhanced methods for separating vehicle and track contributions to rolling noise;
  • And the most innovative technologies for interior noise with the prospective use cases to be applied within TRANSIT, i.e. solutions based on meta-material design.

After the technical presentations of the WorkPackages, a general overview of European noise standardisation activities in rail within the different WGs involved with standardisation was given. This portion specifically focused on the work of CEN/TC256/WG03, followed by the alignment of those activities with TRANSIT and the applicable standards, with a practical approach for estimation of apparent sound power from sound pressure measurement. This successful event attracted more than 100 attendees from 12 different countries. Participants were mainly experts in the field of railway acoustics and represented academia, research centres, industry, infrastructure managers and railway undertakings.

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